Submitting Papers

Manuscripts should be submitted as follows: Regular Papers via the STTT Regular service. The Special Sections are run on invitation, the link for submission will be passed on to the authors by the responsible editor.

The preferred format is PDF from LaTeX, but Word is also accepted. Authors who prepare their papers with LaTeX are encouraged to use this macropackage.

Papers must be written in English. Authors whose mother tongue is not English are advised to seek the assistance of a native English speaker who is familiar with the topic of the paper.

Before preparing your manuscript, consult the Instructions for Authors on Springer's STTT journal homepage and/or a copy of the journal to familiarize yourself with its formal and stylistic requirements: The manuscript should be written in clear and simple language. As STTT addresses quite a heterogeneous audience, a major selection criterion for papers and tools is a suitable and widely accessible presentation. The abstract, key words, and introduction should also be accessible to a wide audience.

Final Versions: After the manuscript is accepted, please submit also the final version of your article including LaTeX sources and figures in electronic form to the STTT editorial office.

Submission Information

Regular papers and Special Section Contributions, generally consist of 10-20 STTT pages. This is roughly equivalent to 20-40 pages in LNCS-style. Those are guidelines and no strict limitations.

Contributions to the Opinion Corner should not exceed 5 STTT pages.

Electronic Appendices have no page limitation and may be of different formats, including multimedia material (films, data, links to online sites etc...

All submissions are handled via the corresponding STTT Service.